Sunday, May 31, 2009

Angels and Demons in AH

As I watched the movie “Angels and Demons” yesterday, a flood of emotions overtook me as I sat in awe of fictional character Professor Robert Langdon rush against time to recover not only four kidnapped Preferiti but also a substance that can cause a destructive cataclysmic event known as antimatter. Leaving the theatre in tears knowing the bad guy was apprehended (well not really), all was saved and order restored, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is it possible?

Could there really be some secret order who desire to take revenge on the world? Or worst who desire to go against nature and create a cataclysmic event due to commercialized predictions written by a race of beings which existed 1000’s of years ago. Is this order trying to save face, as America was bamboozled in 2000 (Y2K) when we were told everything electronic would fail when in fact nothing failed. As I have been drawn in the last couple years to more movies where fictional characters are hurried to avoid annihilation of entire populations or lands (The Happening, Knowing, Monsters vs. Aliens and Angels and Demons) I am left always wondering could our Hollywood Producers actually be trying to reveal to the masses a hidden truth?

Man has always at some point attempted to play God. Whether it is religious fanatics such as Jim Jones who created the cult People’s Temple, Doctors who perform euthanasia, or Scientists attempting to clone stem cells. Of course let us not forget the number of students each year who are encouraged to create volcanoes and tornados for science projects.

During the movie, I was surprised at the twist of seeing Carmelengo “chamberlain” Carlo Ventresca mastermind robbery, kidnapping, torture, murder and salvation all in the name of Power disguised in the name of God. Is it so farfetched to believe that this “conspiracy” might currently be in the process or have been formulated as we speak?

I drove home with fear calling my confidante, my guide, the woman who has shown me evolvement in an attempt to make sense of things I received from God Anu. Two writings to be exact: one last year stating to “watch the Pope” and one this year saying “… emerge from the white ashes.” Ordena or "ordained" as I sometimes like to call her disclosed to me yesterday that when she watched the film two weeks ago she thought of me.

I understand that everything happens for a reason and hold on to the faith that HE comes right on time. It is not surprising that books such as Chariot of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown are resurfacing in popularity after years of being shelved as unimportant or paranoid. Also more ancient discoveries are being brought to light everyday on the History Channel. So what does this all mean to the world?

As I restart the quest, this journey for fulfillment I will attempt to coagulate the pieces of these movies with history and current events to find and reveal ultimate truth no matter how disappointing or reaffirming. I welcome the challenge, the support and the criticism as I hope in the end we can all (even myself) come from this experience learned, appreciative and finally spiritually evolved. Time is of the essence for we only have “forty and two months” or “a thousand two hundred and threescore days” (Revelations 11:2) until completion of the great cycle.

I’ve been saying the revolution has begun and this time it will be televised but now I change my original speech to the Revelation has begun.

Peace, Love & Bliss


*Side Note* Yesterday morning, I opened up the bible in search of the exact verbiage for John 3:16. The page I opened contained Revelations, Chapter 11. I read verses one thru eleven than proceeded to bookmark the page unknowing to the reason. By my calculations, as of today, we have exactly 1260 days until the Mayan calendar predictions. This moment of Angel AH, I’m trembling in both fear and joy. Fear that we will run out of time and Joy that we’ve been given a chance to answer the call of God for Everlasting Life.

How I calculated:
June 30 October 31
July 31 November 30
August 31 December 31
September 30 Total 214 Days

366 days (leap year) – 10 days (December 21 is ten days before the end of year)
Total 356 days

2009 214
2010 365
2011 365
2012 356
Total 1260 days

Friday, May 29, 2009

Mistaken Identity

It is the common misconception of America that it’s all about the black man, coddling the black man, protecting the black man. The untold truth written in texts of old is that it has never been about the black man, it is about the BLACK WO-MAN! The sole of deep rooted hatred and fear due to her reproductive abilities to create a supreme being. The Sumerians called her Ki/Nin, Egyptain/Kemet dubbed her Ma’at, Roman named her Lustitia and the Greeks branded her Athena. These wonderments of supreme oneness brought about that limitless, boundless personification of truth and balance. From the wombs of greatness exploded those superb women of yesterday, today and tomorrow offering beauty, fertility and love. It was Isis who bore Horus the connector of upper and lower Egypt and Nefertiti who bred Tutankhamun into the restorer of Godness.

The black woman has been bamboozled by America into the ideology of being less than: Less than a mother, educator, worker, stabilizer, less than a woman. Society has erased her from the queenly presence she always exuded in order to break her down into nothingness. History taught of African kings brought to this land on slave ships who were then sold, beaten and humiliated in order to build a great nation. Nothing is recited of those African queens brought over who were also sold, beaten and humiliated; but these women degradation went further as they were also raped of their souls in order to inhabit this new land. Furthermore when the project was completed, these women were psychologically stripped of natural order as they were frightened to bear any black children.

This was and still is the case as our black families are continuously being tortured, dislocated and defamed. From Willie Lynch when women were first shown to create not strong beings but weak links to present day where black women are told not to create at all because our children are out of control and don’t have active fathers. Each day living in the existence of a deep rooted hatred or jealousy that we bear the fruits of strength, balance, truth and order. Fruits that every black woman possess but are downplayed, misrepresents and never acknowledged.

We are portrayed as angry, uncaring and ignorant while our white counterparts are displayed on pedestals of nurturing grandeur. We are the women who serve as incubators for a man’s semen; told by slave masters to bear their children but not our own. We the women who were told the only way we could get government assistance is if we got rid of our husband and communal family than were ostracized for doing what was told. We the women who sought each other for comfort, joy, guidance and love now turn our noses up at each other the minute a black man is involved. And society has the audacity to show compassion for the black man. He who was always cared for, He who was always nurtured, He who was always defended and He who was always supported. Now HE is portrayed on television and in reality as President, Major Executives and Upstanding Citizens. Yet SHE is a no class, ignorant, neurotic hoar, and whore with a bad attitude.

Oh but “the times have changed, everyone has evolved” except the black woman who still endures the pain of hatred from all races including our own. Where we used to stand up for one another, have each other back. Now we back stab and back bite in order to scrapple around for a little piece of the crumb society (including the black man) throws. Oh I say the times must change, no more should we allow the expectation of a crumb being formulated into a feast when the feast is already manifested. No more should we be told to be like Aphrodite, Venus, Eve, or Cleopatra when they were stolen from Ki, Hathor/Isis, Nefertari and Nefertiti. Black women we need to stand up, unite once more reincarnate those queens of old who held their own and restore the true definition of Queen Mother. Bring back those matriarchal societies of yesteryear and this year who continuously thrive under a veiled truth. Put the black man back into his place of being the anchor to that ship of Supreme so that we may continue to sail into forever.

Peace, Love and bliss to all my sistahs.