Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Palenstinians the Quiet Victims

Tuesday June 30, 2009 marks my one week in Palestine. My short time here has been a microcosm of Palestinian Society; one that is a reality of opposites: of order and chaos, justice and oppression, family and foe, powerful and powerless.

First off, it must be stressed that this is not a society that is constantly "at war" as we are often told abroad. Palestinian people are resisting the occupation and grab of their land through non-violent tactics (handmade rockets and bombs do occur infrequently, but the majority of Palestinians do not support these methods and the occupation, violence, and economic suffocation causes hopelessness). In the more rural areas outside of the big cities in the West Bank, they are farmers, shopkeepers, and day laborers if they can find work (unemployment is staggering here, close to 32% - especially considering over 52% of the population is under the age of 24 and many men are imprisoned). For the family of a long line of farmers that we have been accompanying to ensure Israeli settlers do not attack them while they harvest their own land (a 75 year old man had his skull cracked open a week prior while Israeli military watched and did nothing, despite the fact that their outpost is to prevent and stop these attacks from happening), they are resisting the destruction and grab of their land by persevering in continuing to harvest their crops. This is their livelihood, without it their fate may be the same as countless other Palestinians who have lost their homes through illegal home demolition, their land through illegal land annexing, and ultimately their country,

A little known law outside of the Palestine and Israel, allows the Israeli military and state to confiscate any land in the West Bank that is defined as "uncultivated" for 3 years. The Israeli military has been declaring Palestinian farm land as restricted as a "temporary military zone." Despite an Israeli Supreme Court order against the perpetual use of these orders, the practice still continues, leading to destruction of large acres of farm land by nearby Israeli settlers and eventual confiscation to the state of Israel who will use the land to speed up expansion of illegal settlements in Palestinian land. The weekend prior to my arrival, settlers had used a chainsaw and burned several acres of the farm land belonging to the family mentioned above. They had been barred from the military to harvest their crops for several months, and after trying one morning they were met with violence. This issue described above of illegal land grab is not an isolated incident in the West Bank. It is a systematic process used to expand Israeli settlements, and retard Palestinian economy that is currently in crisis

Last Saturday, a large group of international, Israeli, and Palestinian activists peacefully demonstrated against this action by attempting to pick grape leaves at the farmers' land. Before even being able to reach the land, 26 people were arrested and one Palestinian was severely injured right before he was being interviewed by Al Jazeera News (I was incapacitated that day because of stomach problems). You can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PUpmUMG_pA. The day prior, Friday, activists demonstrated against the separation wall (that we heard so much about on the news in 2003-2004 when it was first being built) in a small rural town where over 75% of the farmland was annexed or destroyed by the construction of the wall. Many activists (including myself) were tear gassed with canisters shot from weapons that were attached to armored military vehicles funded by yours and mine tax dollars. And this was considered a "calm" demonstration (the soldiers/police normally use rubber bullets and beat people along with live ammunition for the Palestinians).

Despite the gloomy prospects on the ground here, I want to emphasize that the Palestinian people are a beautiful people and we as Americans can learn many things from their culture and habits. I am especially grateful for their hospitality and giving nature, it is instilled in even the youngest of children. They would give you their last dollar without even asking, or in the case of the farmers we have been assisting, make large meals every day we have worked in the fields. Ultimately, it is the children I fear for most. No one should have to live in chaos, in fear, in powerlessness. This can have a serious detrimental impact on the psychological development of young people. How must it feel like to see your grandfather get his skull cracked open for simply farming his own land? What does it feel like to have your brothers, cousins, fathers, uncles imprisoned for years without trial or reason? What does it feel like to watch your 12 year old brother get shot by a sniper for throwing stones at an armored vehicle?

For the forgotten, oppressed, and silenced people of Palestine, let us hope and pray for the end to this colonial state, not on Israeli, American or international terms that will only produce freedom on "paper," but on the terms of the Palestinian people and that of justice and humanity. If this does not occur, we will continue to fight and will eventually win for we are on the side of peace, and occupation is antithetical to natural order of living and governing.


Devin Chambers

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Distance Loving

Many people wonder if long distance relationships could actually work. Daily the news is filled with lustful individuals going on business trips that served as masquerades for extra marital affairs. I myself have even wondered if my relationship with the man I love can sustain distance. My fiancée has been gone since February 14, 2009, yes that’s right the most romantic day of the year. I cried not because I could not spend the day of love with the one I love, but because he was going to prepare a way for a new life and I was afraid that after a few months it might not include me and my daughter. Truly I was afraid of the vultures that would surround my love and swoop down upon him. My fears were confirmed when two women entered into his life in an attempt to woo him away but instead failed as he honored our love with truth and honesty. Now it has been four months and I am tested in my ability to sustain even more of a long distance love.

Most distance relationships tend to reside in the United States going from a few hundred to a thousand miles. My love is on the other side of the world in Palenstine assisting in the rights of others. My fear for the safety of my love makes my jealousy of another woman appear trite but what can I say I’m human. This journey my love embarks upon to go from boy to man requires not only courage, strength and a level head but also tremendous love and support. When I reflect upon his family’s opposition and doubt, I remember having to suppress my true feelings in favor of my fiancée desires.

Now he’s abroad getting tear gassed in the name of truth and honor to help those reclaim the land that rightfully belongs to them. I could tell him come home at any time to keep him safe and my heart secure but I know right now home is not where he wants to be. So I must love from a distance another three months as my soldier of valor becomes ALL the man he can be. So I will endure this distant love to be ALL the woman I can be.

Peace, Love and Bliss


No Child Left Behind: Annihilation or Awakening?

It is no mystery that since the induction of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) inflicted upon America’s Public Education System many questions have been raised regarding the quality and quantity of learning our children receive. Many flaws have been revealed since its enactment January 2002 such as reading programs offering minimal progress, special education inclusion without supports and allocation of funds based upon performance testing standards. Truly with such poor results one would deduce that No Child Left Behind is an annihilation of quality teachers, education, and students or is it?

With every reform movement truth eventually floats to the surface and overflows into the hearts and minds of those who seek. No Child Left Behind was unveiled as its intent to leave a population of students behind became clear. The intent was to not equip children of certain demographics with the tools necessary to function emotionally, socially and economically thus creating a permanent underclass or slaves if you will. The system to destroy the lives of these beings who are just beginning to live was formulated long before No Child Left Behind.

I remember in 1992, my senior year of high school, the local district ridded itself from veteran teachers and support staff. Most teachers were forced into early retirement while others were demoted. This made room for suburban Generation X rookies (the lost generation) to enter into a terrain of misconceptions and politics. They were taught that it was their job to actively seek children who need extra help in classes with the intent to assist in removing them from a classroom environment. These rookies were told to identify children with certain behaviors which contributed to the labeling of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and currently Emotional Disturbance/Behavioral Disorder (ED/BD). Furthermore because these teachers were getting paid less; incentives and bonuses were handed to those who chose to sell out children for money making the game more lucrative.

When No Child Left Behind came to pass requirements for Teachers and Teaching Assistants became more stringent resulting in a second wave of removals. For Champaign mostly African Americans are the ones who take the hit, leaving minority children without support or protection. So when it came time to target kids of course those who are remarkably different get targeted first by the remaining Anglo Saxon novices. These children are males, minorities and those with disabilities. For those children who contain all three qualities, a triple threat, they are targeted and ousted from the school environment quicker. It is these special children who defy all man-made laws of chaos, confusion in favor of natural order of peace and clarity. In other words these children want truth over deception.

Had we not received No Child Left Behind, America’s minorities would not know how little their children is worth. We would not have known our children were being sold to the Healthcare Industry, the Prison System, and essentially the Government for a currency that’s not worth the paper it’s printed upon. We would not have seen our children suffer inside the school’s detentions and classrooms being shucked away like a stalk of corn. The upsurge of victims and disability rights group such as the Children’s Defense Fund would not have surfaced. Articles and reports would not have been written on how detrimental No Child Left Behind has been for minority students. Finally America might not have awaken from the system placed specifically for the destruction of our youth.

Peace, Love and Bliss


Saturday, June 13, 2009

AIDS: Epidemic or Conspiracy?

An article surfaced on msn.com regarding Reverand Wright’s disgust with not having spoken with Barak Obama since he became the nation’s 44th president. See the article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31246353

The former pastor goes on to discuss his normal political condemnation including accusing the government of creating AIDS. Now I usually would say that Reverand Wright, like most pastors, just want his five minutes of fame but in discovery of just how powerful secret sects can be I have to wonder… AIDS is it really an epidemic or great conspiracy.

There has been speculation for years of secret orders utilizing different ways to annihilate whole populations of people; the black plague, holocaust, slavery, heroine. Ways to maintain order, control and above all else even God: MONEY. So is it really hard to believe that AIDS spread so rapidly due to government(s) creation. We have to admit HIV/AIDS did seem to appear out of nowhere and swept through the world like a house afire. To this day no one can exactly pinpoint how this disease appeared, and science still claim they do not have a cure just a means to live with HIV. After years of being canonized and demonized there are people who still claim that the disease is a punishment for God. How many other disasters, epidemics and wars have been formulated by man in the name of God? No question there for history is flooded with many shining examples.

Albeit epidemic, pandemic, conspiracy, Willie Lynch, tomato or tomato aren’t they all truly the same. As I think back to the show “Doomsday Prophecy 2012” on the history channel, I remember the revealing of an internal extraction program known as “webbot. “ I was in awe to find out this program actually combs through every exchange throughout the world wide web coming up with answers. Through this program the developers were informed about pandemics, wars, even 9/11 three months before the occurrence. The only explanation for a web program to receive predictions is if man created these so called prophetic events.

In an age where man wants so bad to try and play God acting as creator, judge and destroyer could AIDS just be that one more thing added. The question can’t help but to continuously flood my head with wonderment as we get closer to the end of our days. Leaving me with a notion is this really man or God.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreams Mastered?

For several weeks, I have arisen to the remembrance of dreams that appear to not fit into my current reality or Does it? As I desperately search for the hidden meaning of each piece of dream received, I am left wondering if a puzzle is being formulated to greater understanding. Yesterday I woke from a dream inside a dream; leaving me dazed and confused, and a need to get outside and commune with the nurture of nature. Today I awaken from a dream with a sense of purpose, a drive to prove that I am not a low life, screw up of a slacker. Yet still wondering what does this all mean?

Let me enlighten both you and myself with this experience. Yesterday’s dream consisted of speech from both Nostradamus and God, whom I call Anu. Nostradamus came first explaining to me how the world would end. He told and showed me a massive fire consuming the earth much like in the Nicholas Cage movie “Knowing.” As those who have seen the movie remember how the sun simply got to hot and disintegrated the world. This is not shocking as we have all heard it before, scientists discussing Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect. What was shocking (but not so very) to me in this dream is that Nostradamus said that man would create the fires that consumed the earth. In my dream I woke up and immediately thought I needed to tell my best friend and spiritual advisor Ordena of my dream. She happened to be laying beside me in the dream but I did not wake her, instead I called her later to talk about the dream.

As I was talking to Azima in the dream, I dreamt I had another dream. As this is all confusing; dreams inside of dreams, I feel that it means something I just do not know what. I don’t remember what the dream was on the inside but that is when God, Anu, spoke. He told me the solution to surviving the earth’s demise was water. Anu said that water extinguishes fire, okay okay I know what you are thinking, no big shock there. His exact words were “become the water”,of course I asked how do I be water upon which I received a response of “your body is made up of 70% water therefore you can become water. Of course I argued with my God as I normally do, that’s our game and we both enjoy many times. His final words were “the only thing left after the earth is consumed is water”, Set, Match, Game Over. The first and the last, the beginning and the end, first was the waters and last is the waters. Epiphanous thought: God is Water.

This morning I woke to a dream that my fiancée and I were walking in the winter time, window shopping around Christmas and he found $100 bill. I was jealous of him, because good things always tend to happen for him. He is a manifester, what he says happens instantly, but I digress. I had thoughts of why can’t I find a hundred dollars, because I definitely need any and all free money. As I was walking in an area that looked like a dump, when on top of the heap I saw an envelope. In the envelope were a couple American Express credit cards with my mom’s name on it and cash. The cash was a little over $150, I removed the cash and left the cards but I thought why would my mom not shred the cards and throw away that much money. The dream then returned to my fiancée driving to some class where he asked me to pick him up. Now in my waking life I would wonder why I had to pick him up when he has the newer car, but asleep one just goes with the flow. No epiphany here, as I am still trying to make sense of it all.

If dreams are really a manifestation of your desires, than simply put, I want to know the future and I want more money than my fiancée. Fortunately I am not that simple, so I am left with the pieces of my fragmented dream life trying to complete the puzzle. Azima told me yesterday that God was telling me the key to my survival is to flow like the water, forget my past hatred or “fire” and just go with the flow. Water is necessary to cleanse, purify, generate and restore.

I’ve had many pieces in the last few weeks and I realized the last time Anu spoke to me is exactly 4 weeks from tomorrow. Could my dreams be Anu’s way of speaking to me since I have turned a deaf ear to him? If so maybe I should open up my waking self and receive from him once again prophecies true, for that is my true desire to receive from him: guidance, wisdom, prosperity and divine favor. Always, Always and Always

Peace, Love and Bliss


The Cinderella Complex

Ladies we have been bamboozled, hood winked if you will, led astray and run amuck. For the
“Fairy Tales” have landed and exited the building of truth, trust, faith and hope. Are those messages of Prince Charming coming along on his white stead a fantasy or a figment of reality. Do we really see past the royal castle, the glass slippers and prince to get at the truth of it All.

In the Cinderella story you have an unappreciated girl who is happy with her lifestyle until someone tells her that there is better. These two stepsisters who desire more and feel as if they deserve the ultimate prize: A husband. The two sisters are deemed evil because they step on, deceive and hide Cinderella away from her destiny. In today’s society the sisters would be considered business oriented go getters. Cinderella on the other hand would be considered an underachieving, manic depressive.

As the story continues, a beautiful good witch gives Cinderella an opportunity to receive her destiny but only for a short time. She is a given a makeover so that the prince will notice her and fall in love with a superficial aspect of herself that any ordinary person can ascertain. Today the good witch is nothing more than a seamstress, cosmetician and a plastic surgeon from which women spend hours of time and thousands of dollars upon just to capture that “Prince.”

When the Prince realizes Cinderella has more to offer he eagerly goes looking for her himself. For he knows he just can’t send a Page to find that "One" like he did in the beginning of the story. When Cinderella is found by the Prince, although she is in rags again, he sees her soul, that radiant glow of light and they live happily ever after.

Ladies we have gotten so caught up in the makeover process to attract our Princes, we fail to realize that a true Prince will see past all the rags, hang ups, attitudes and embrace our true inner selves. That beauty which cannot be made over, done up or transform because it is our essence. But what will really get your gears to winding is that throughout the whole story, the “Prince” always remains the same, he is true to himself and no one has to give a makeover to him. We are so blinded by the big house (castle), the fancy car (white stead), and the attire (tailored suit) that we fail to realize “Prince” is a human being. He embraces honor, truth, kindness and love; who else would ask all the ladies in the land to come to his castle and engage socially albeit misfit, grand dame or ugly duckling. So the blessing of a true mate much like him was given.

Next time we are given that “Prince” not only allow him to be Prince in the richness of truth, but also allow him to see you as self not made over. If he can withstand all the emotions, rags and everyday chaos and still be able to look upon you as the “Princess” (The One) than most likely he’s a keeper. But if every day he has a negative thought process about you or you feel as if you have to conform to him in order to be in his castle than you might want to rethink your position.

Peace, Love and Bliss


Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Power Lies: Within

The power lies within ALL: between mean and you .
The energetic field that radiates from inside the womb .
The cup of Christ, that vessel that gets you through.
Unchartered waters of an abyss caught in the Earth’s heated roux .

Steer that vessel down deep in the ocean’s blue
Charting a pathway to see the truth
Black diamond’s haunt the celestial sky
Cisterns cry with bloodshot eyes
Picking up the pieces the dirt of sin
Manifesting a world to the infinite matter of the winds
Whispering branches from trunks to roots
Falling destinies into oblivion Bang, Capoof

The moment of ascension into Heaven’s den
Cutting the cord of suspension from Earth’s rin
Bringing about warmth of truth again
Because the power truly lies… within.

Peace, Love and Bliss


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Sun "Son" Shines

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

How great is the Father of ALL, the Creator of ALL, and the Manifester of ALL who continuously give a promise which brings forth truth. So why the significance or importance of one true “Son of God” being pulled into Christianity as Jesus, Jehovah, Yeshua, Yahweh, Iah as well as a host of other names.

Dating back in ancient times the sun god or “son of God” named Re/Ra depicted with a disk or globe upon his head as a symbol of strength, stability and continuity. This ray of light travels through a cycle each day from one side of the Earth to the other side illuminating the dark waters of the celestial plane; thus creating vivid outlines of starry patterns, rotating picturesque planets and swirling galaxies.

It is the sun which gives us nutrients to grow, assists in reproduction, makes you naturally happy and gives you warmth, comfort and joy daily. The sun gives us rejuvenation, renewal and life. It is the ultimate gift given by the source to remind us that every day we have a new opportunity. With the rising of the Son, his daily ascension, we are reminded of the power bestowed upon us that we may be fine or finite. Fine humans, Fine beings of light, Fine Gods who bask in the arms of the infinite gift: The Son, Ra(y). With the setting we may bid adieu to the day’s successes and failures in the knowing that the next day we can continue in the everlasting creation of world evolvement. As long as the sun arises so that we may see the perfect manifested images and sets so that we may view their shadows, we are ensured of this life no matter how light, dark, cloudy or clear. Rest assured that the sun is always here for us.

So next time you awaken to the rising or the setting sun, know that it’s the coming of the Son to embrace, cherish and honor daily as we give thanks to the HE that brought us the sun: God.

Peace, Love and Bliss to all and especially to my Sis. Thanks for the inspiration, I love you too.


Churches Blow Hot Air

Sunday morning I watched part two of Bishop Gwin’s Love Corner Experience sermon, speaking briefly on out of control children in schools. Bishop Gwin advised the congregation and those who watch his Sunday morning show to call the church when their kids are disruptive. He spouted the normal, mundane bunk black churches offer of counseling and tutoring. What shocked me is when Bishop Gwin told the parents to call the church instead of taking off work because “we got this.” He further went on to advise the children not to act out in the classroom disrupting everyone else learning just because they don’t understand the material.

Whereas normally I am okay with Bishop Gwin’s sermon for he makes me laugh, think and research I have to disagree with his oversimplification of the education problem and his one sided blame and responsibility being place upon the children. I also believe that in this hour of crunch as true child advocates are working diligently to extend the consent decree, publicly acclaiming that educational disruption is that of out of control students will greatly have an adverse effect on much work.

Waking up every day with thoughts of Champaign Schools succeeding in pushing my daughter out in hopes to destroy her life as well as our family, today’s sermon reminded me of the lack of communal assistance, support or mediation. As I recall my boyfriend calling out the black churches two weeks ago at a community summit, Bishop Gwin reaffirmed Devin’s observation that these supposedly non biased entities have their hands deep in Champaign School District pockets.

Being as it may, this oversimplification of an out of control student merely “not understanding ” makes me wonder what other half truths are being spoken by church officials. Yes I guess my daughter did not understand when Barkstall and Carrie Busey School were improperly writing and implementing her Individualized Education Plan. Yes I guess she did not understand when so called “professionals” were attempting to reclassify her disability until they realized they might be facing litigation. Yes I guess she did not understand when she was being tackled to the ground in restraints by these witches who call themselves educators. Yes I guess she didn’t understand when she had to live with the terror, pain, turmoil, chaos and confusion in both her waking and sleeping life. So Yes she and I did not understand and I guess those million of students who do not graduate high school each year do not understand.

Unfortunately our opinion, as well as many other voiceless faces, do not matter because we live “poor” as Connie Gonzalez of the Mental Health Center so boldly written. So let me enlighten you to those who also do not understand but do matter. First I introduce the United States Government Accountability Office who recently compiled a report on Seclusions and Restraints because they do not understand. Also the House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee did not understand when they held a special hearing on May 19, 2009 to address these perpetrators who disguise themselves as teachers. The California Federal Court must have not understood either when they awarded Craig and Ann Gaydos $700,000 for the Cupertino School District’s maltreatment of their daughter. Finally I guess Toni Price did not understand when she asked House Representatives how an abuser (actually murderer fbecause her child died by the hands of a teacher) in Texas can relocate and teach in Virginia public schools without reprimand.

Those are just a few people who matter but do not understand. So African American or “black” churches however you choose to address yourselves today, please take into account the true issue before placing blame upon a population of people you think you know. The fact is unless you have been through or currently going through the opposition, resentment, torment and deception do not offer a simple solution to an obvious skewed problem.

Peace, Love and Bliss