Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Freedom Is...?

The Fourth of July is supposed to mean a great deal for every American because it signifies a break from the Kingship of Great Britain. It is the adoption of the formal document in 1776 that declared “independence” for all those British settlers. Unfortunately that independence didn’t include the Indians who were pushed to the borders, women who were not allowed to vote, or the African slaves who were not even thought about being unchained for another 90 years. Yet 235 years later we are supposed to participate in parades and release fireworks in homage of not being counted or treated as whole beings.

For most citizens a moment of silence was probably formulated of their lack to celebrate in the usual way of parade, fireworks and barbecue. For those like myself, I say dig deeper and ponder the truth of Fourth of July becoming awash. In the hour of a debt ridden nation alongside a bankrupt State filled with corruption, lies and betrayal; how can one celebrate that which truly have not been obtained.

This society, America, where children are dependent upon drugs, teachers are free from accountability and society is a slave to government takeover how can we celebrate. There is still racism, hatred, enslavement and thievery in the United States. I believe the rains signify a breakdown of the lies and disguise we partake in order to be cleansed by HE that invokes change. It is that great I AM, which comes uprooting trees at this time in order to get our attention yet also who brings the soft winds and rains of promises for all those who turn the non-deafened ear to hear. It is this quiet whispering that says I AM is here and near for you all, HIS children regardless of race, class, socioeconomic status, age, gender, or sexual preference. It is that promise of HE, being the God of love, not of wrath which calms the soul and brings forth balance once again.

For those who hear the quiet call, the true ones, the golden ones, enlightened ones, who can feel with all their heart that a change is not going to come but rather today the change is here. Now is the time where those who are bound and gagged will be released from the chains of evil to emerge victoriously in order to truly be Free and Interdependent. In this moment of Independence I say yes to the freedom that the most high releases unto me.

Freedom is the settling of the mind Into the oneness of spirit Producing sould Aftermass of One It is the continuation Of that spirit Releasing fear Into the abyss Of yesterday’s Gone In order to soar Into the manifestation Of tomorrow’s Song

Today is But a dream An illusion Of the illustrious wonder Of fulfillment Ascertained from the gift Of firmament To be applied upon The wound of defeat Only to be completely Healed before The day’s end As the dawning Of anew day Approaches once again The freedom from the pestilence And stench of the past Emergences into fruitfulness Of glorious fragrance To be picked And plucked out Into the world

Freedom is

The inner sanctum

The outer realm of chaos

That which is But a dream

Freedom is

The knowing of truth

The unlocking of the Combinations

Upon the steles From which those Truths Are written

Freedom is The Joy you feel To see the sun Shine upon your face

The birds chirping Their songs

The winds whispering In the trees

It is the communion Upon which All these natural Elements Live in the Supernatural

So yes freedom is Supernatural

As you seek To find what’s Past In order to apply in Present For the healing Future

As long as We continue to live Past We can never have Complete Freedom

For in the spatial pocket Of unknowing

That disconnection Will never allow The spirit To let go And reach beyond

The ruins of Yesterday In order to manifest Today

The creation Tomorrow

Only when we let go That which is Past

Poverty. Territory. Lack.

We will move into The abundant space Of plenty

The plethora of aetheric One. Wholeness.



Peace, Love, Bliss

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Footprints In the Sand

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
other times there was one only.

This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life,
when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat,
I could see only one set of footprints, so I said to the Lord,
“You promised me Lord, that if I followed you,
you would walk with me always.
But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life
there has only been one set of footprints in the sand.
Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”
The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints,
my child, is when I carried you.”

Sometimes we are so blind, ignorant, silly and crazy minded that we don’t even see the times we are being carried by God. We don’t even understand that we are being carried because we are so busy looking down below at the garbage, the broken pieces from the chaos, confusion, suffrage, anguish, turmoil and despair we’re looking left, we’re looking right and all we see in the midst of all this garbage is a distortion. While we are looking down and see one set of footprints and we think “well they gotta be mine because I don’t see anything else, I must be walking alone” Yet we are not walking at all because we are being carried. Being carried through things we don’t even understand we are being protected from. Being carried through those broken pieces of glass set out to undercut our feet so that we don’t even feel the pain, experience the blood.

Instead we experience a blood line of a Kingdom. A great kingdom with an overflowing reservoir, that contains more than enough. An abundant life of universal, infinite love that is so high that oftentimes we do not even see it ourselves. This kingdom directs the pathway to achieve your greatest success in the moment. You may want to travel to China but do not have the funds to fly and that infinite source will direct you to a little shop with an affordable Jade jewelry set. You may want to seek serenity in India yet do not have the resources but the Re (God) Source will unveil a statue of Ganesh, a brass vase, silver goblets imported from that very space. That is the one set of footprints, the carrying, the direct pathway reminding you of the promise brought within your heart.

In the times when the world attempts to knock you down: Joblessness, Homelessness, Profiling, Stereotyping, Debt, yet we are all being carried. When the world tells you “No You Can’t” the source, God, says “Yes You Can” Barack Obama did not come up with the concept “Yes We Can” That statement was declared many generations, thousands of years ago: “Yes I Can” A Spiritual concept that we ourselves do not full understand. In the King James version of the bible God told Moses to tell the people “I am THAT I am” (Exodus 3:14) Meaning the great one, the master of ALL the verb, the infinite love that says “Yes I can.” When the fathers of children walk out on the mothers or vice versa, it is the universe that says “I shall be the father.” When the schools dejected many children from their space because they were not smart enough or rich enough, because they had a disability or were a certain race, it is the universal master of ALL that says “I shall be the teacher.” When those says “No you can’t, I choose not to participate” it is the Re (God) Source that says “I will participate” and when He participates you will not have your items any longer. Every single being that rob, kill, steal and destroy will lose that which they’ve gained because of that one set of footprints that carries those who cannot walk.

Those one set of footprints that carries is the builder to those who do not have homes, the restaurant to those who do not have food, the husband to the widow, the father to the fatherless, the teacher to those who do not have education, the doctor to those who do not have medical coverage, the provider to those who do not have provisions, the soldier to those who do not have protection. That one set of footprints carries us over the threshold into the new home, new life, new day, new realm.

It was the Greeks who 1st recorded the concept of the husband carrying his wife over the threshold because in ancient times it was believed that when a union had commenced, demons stood at the doorway or the in between to sever the ties that bind. To ensure the demons did not trip his wife, the husband picked her up in protection. That is what the source, God, is doing for us: Protecting from all those demons that attempt to break you down, pull you apart, tear you up and eat you alive. Yet when those single footprints are carrying us over the threshold those demons cannot even touch us because we are being covered and carried by the one set of “Footprints in the Sand.”
Peace, Love, Bliss

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When the Prince Becomes a Toad

Ladies once again I have come before you in the heinousness of crimes impeded upon thy hearts and minds. As I stated once before in the Cinderella Complex, we have been bamboozled, hoodwinked and led astray more often than not by the half-truths presented in fairy tales which quickly turn the fantasy into legend.

The other day as I was praying with a friend for God to send That One, you know from which I speak the he that completes the S in she. We were caught in the spirit, just as Snow White joyfully sang “someday my prince will come” while flouncing around happily engaged in domestic work. Of course we all know many of us don’t have time to do that anymore, but I digress. While resting in the spirit, my friend asked the Lord to send us a caliber of man that won’t bring heartache and pain. She stated, “I don’t wanna star in anymore Amityville Horrors.”

I chuckled to myself at such a true, heartfelt request I began to wonder, what happens when the fairy tale is over without the happily ever after? This is when the dream takes over to become a New Nightmare leaving bodies bloodied, severed and out of sorts nestled in an unrested state of hurt and pain. It behooved me to think: How do we women proceed once the prince turns into the toad and starts jumping from pad to pad to pad?

Oftentimes we women retreat into ourselves looking for answers to our perceived flaws: maybe if I was thinner or healthier, maybe if my hair was longer or straighter, maybe if I was better cook, maybe if I made more money, maybe if I was more experienced in the bedroom on and on and on I could go for days playing the “Maybe If I was…” game. We then drive ourselves undeniably, certifiably crazy because of some jerk who not only displaced his inadequacies and insecurities upon us but also felt compelled to fault us for his decision to hop into a greener pasture at the moment.

It has been my experience that when the prince devolves into his amphibian reptilian state, it hardly has anything to do with the woman. He just wants something different and no amount of hair dyes, exercise programs, or kama sutra tricks will make him stay once the decision has been made. Thus and so, you must prepare to get out the line of fire or shield yourself from the wrath that will befall upon you. I remember watching the movie “The Ties that Bind” a film about the trials and tribulations of marriage. In one scene, the young wife was discussing with her mother how her father did not cheat and actually was driven in the arms of another by the mother. The mother commented “Your father left me long before he left (physically.” She further proceeded to say “When they (men) are ready to leave, they get mean.”

I have heard from countless of women who have stated how mean their husbands and boyfriends got in the final months before the relationship ended. I myself experienced the same actions from my ex fiancé during his exit strategy. He became indifferent, cold, distant and when he found his new princess he verbally assaulted my character and being then proceeded to sever all ties. To this day he has not said more than two words to me or my daughter since he left even though we have endured death, surgeries, car accidents, and self-published books.

So how does one proceed after the toad has jumped to the next lily pad? Look for another prince? I think not! For as I said before we women internalize the heartaches leaving ourselves broken and vulnerable. We must 1st get over the ideology of not being enough or being a failure because of the nightmares. We have to realize that the man cheating or leaving or both cheating and leaving is not about us but at the same time such that it is. It is not our wrongs or faults that drove him away but his own desires and sometimes ours when the spirit cries out that something does not feel right. We must continue in the glory of our absolute, perfect selves for that one who says we are more than enough or just exactly the right mix.

Ladies we have been so bamboozled into waiting for the prince to come, that some of us fail to know our full position as Queen upon which we deserve a King. Women leave the Prince to the concubines and handmaidens. So I say that it is now time to arise and take your place amongst the elite. I say it is time to stop pining away over Mr. Frog and move close to My King. I say stop settling for Mr. Right Now and prepare for Mr. Right. I say continue to get up from that lonely bed every morning, organize it with the joy of knowing that another one will reign in the kingdom once more. Even if the next is not “The One” celebrate the moments of the present life enjoying the wonders of a fruitful existence. I say realize that you deserve honor, dignity, respect and the ability to make mistakes. I say be a whole woman and when that toad try to break you down, walk in the assurance that it’s not you, he just searching for the next pad to hop onto. Women I say don’t be afraid to cut the tie because a piece of man in better than none, so is a piece of the puzzle but the picture is so much better to look at complete.

Peace, Love and Bliss

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Immobilized In Fear (Revisited)

In October 2009, I wrote about being immobilized in a state of fear, from which I searched diligently to emerge like that phoenix from the ashes. At that point I did not know or understand the future that would befall upon me. Since then I have encountered many extraordinary obstacles as well as moments of great strength full of irresistible dawning. As I stand erect today, I now say no more control over myself by myself.

Many of us reside in the immobilization of our fear, that unchartered territory of the unknown. The journey which leads everywhere, but nowhere, yet somewhere. The fear settles into the pits of our stomachs, crystallizing into the formation of hard stoned rock. It is the fear which leaves you completely neutralized in a position of limitation and lack; unable to step forward, disabled to move back. It is the fear which consumes, that allows hatred to fester, and ultimately cut dreams off at the throat.

This consuming fear leaves one suspended in a cloud of confusion and chaos cocooned in an emotional uproar. The fear settles into an unrest, looking, searching for the truth, the answer of salvation which resides in us all. I myself laid immobilized as the fear of not succeeding, yet succeeding not long enough leaves me stuck in the balance of familiar and unfamiliar. So there I stayed broken down in the shameless, humbleness of yesterday's past experiences, hiding in the immobilization of fear. It left my spirit completely drained asking: When will I be able to raise my head to sit erect, lift my knees to stand upright and move the right foot forward to start the journey anew?

My mind tells me "You've done this before, just move." My fear says "This time it's different and you will lose once more." The years upwardly moving says, I can't afford to lose everything, for I have already loss so much. Yet as I emerge from the depths of despair I remember yes I have fallen many times, yes I have gotten up many times. For the strength resides inside of me, the breaking of the chains that binds me, comes from my change.

We cannot change the outside world, others behaviors, thoughts, actions or inactions. Gas and food prices may continue to rise, individuals may continue to operate in their hatred, prejudice, and sense of entitlement. Corporate and Governmental entities may continue to profit off people utilizing them as products. Society may continue to be angry and sad over the veil resulting in a depression upon which we are left with the feeling of being hoodwinked. Yet I, as an individual, You, as an individual, has one decision, one choice, one outlet: Not to Participate. Change your thoughts, manifest your life joyful.

Peace, Love and Bliss