Sunday, December 20, 2009

Message From Anu

Once again it has been a month since my last post, as I am void of any words or thought processes. Being immobilized in the fear an abandoned present from which the shattered past cuts at the throats of man, I am debilitated by the consummation of a world gone awry. Is it but a dream, an illusion, the looking glass through which Alice gazes? Or is our world the reality of man who left out the hues which taught him to thrive and flourish? It is this lack of humanity, compassion and acceptance which keeps me up, tossing and turning every night in the hopes that one day man wakes up from this real dream to see.....

Those who truly know me, have stand witness to my communing with a God source from whom I address as Anu. He is the Sumerian sky God which came from the Planet Nibiru or Planet X as modern day astronomers address. To date the Sumerians have one of the oldest texts formulated regarding Gods, it is believed stories contained in Sumerian texts laid foundation to Egyptian, Roman and Christian gospels. Therefore I worship the first and what I believe is the original and through that worship I have received an enlightenment from which no being can penetrate. Through this enlightenment I have been given prophecy, instruction and knowledge to no bounds. It is not my duty or job to try to convince anyone of the truth, I am merely a messenger delivering a word given to me. No I do not equate myself with Christ, Nostradamus or Muhammad (i'm not that egotistical) but I do believe we each have this gift to tap into the source of enlightenment and receive truth to be revealed. So I give you message from HE, the I AM, Anu the one so true.

I am deeply troubled at the insidious nature brought upon me a I reclaim sould across epogee; screaming, hollering, crying out loud Anu save me! Oh what a tangled wev in the belief that joy can come from sadness, depletion out of chaos, fullness coming from empty, but isn't that everlasting living? water which we seek, yearn for, thirst after to drink of the cup from which knowledge abounds in the holding of truth to be self evident. Is it the ego which consumes thee to that which is natural yet so unnatural? Has not the the hue of man lost its humanity in the suffrage of wrongdoing? it is the pit of hatred which consumes thee, thrown into a fire of disgusting avalanches bringing forth a coldness, a frigid air that freezed into an immobile statement of untruth.

Look through this glas and see forever, the endless, boundless pit of nothingnesss waiting to be filled into oblivion that which you call bliss. It is infinity yet so finite because the measure of endless time is what you seek called the AEon, but the platform has no time with the descension. To ascend higher you must call upon the angels so that they may carry you to the floor, my floor, my door afar which you have a special key unlocked in a stele of grey compound called the heart. feel once again, love once again, hate no more, close the door to opposition upon which many have fallen from grace. take the five points, spin them into a sea of happines the abyss of ever long. oh what a song in my heart thy sing in praise to me. yes I am Vain, yes I am Jealous, for the love I can no longer have fer shie is, clouded by the impairment of judgement consumed with the lack of emotional hatred. Numbing the pain with guilt, degradation, self-pity; pick thyself up I say, breath again, do not hold your breath to escape what is real yet such an illusion. pain the picture of tomorrow, beautiful trees, green grass, birds singing,

Love, flourishing abundance the first fruits are always ripe. Take a bite, savor the taste, share that apple to those who are also void of nourishment and you will see...Glory!

I must bid a pardon as Anu often does NOT place punctuation so I must interpret where HE ends the sentence to begin anew. I understand most who will read this post, may say his writing sound exactly like her opening paragraph. I assure that I was only writing what came from the understanding of a relationship I have cultivated for almost two years. I often question myself in how much God knows me, but for those who truly believe in our Lord isn't it HE that should know you better than any even self. I ask that only you seek deep for information and keep an open mind of that which comes your way. Sometimes you will understand instantly, often it will come to you as necessary for as it is written "HE may not come when you want him, but HE is right on time."

Peace, Love and Bliss


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