Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eat Pray Love - The Escape Journey

In referencjavascript:void(0)e to the article in regarding Tyra Banks recent break-up she along with many other women have join the spiritual cleansing of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best-selling book “Eat Pray Love.” In this revolutionary concept, we all have fell in love with the silver screen adaptation of the book starring the lovely Julia Roberts and Spanish heartthrob Javier Bardem as Liz (Julia) traipses off to Italy, India and Bali after giving everything in a divorce and losing self while dating. After her yearlong sabbatical she finds balance, release of fear and love. The question posed in Madame Noire is whether or not a spiritual journey is a “good way to mend a broken heart?”

For those who read the book “Eat Pray Love,” the impression is not that Liz went on her journey to heal relationship wounds with others but more so those wounds of self. For most women there is a time of reflection between relationships where one considers the ups and downs, mistakes and successes. On the other hand those who desire to enter a spiritual journey do not do so because of their outer relationships but the inner and divine relationship stemming from a point where you just feel as if you have missed the mark on an area of your life. It begins by identifying a pattern that appears repeatedly and the question of why is sought out to receive a truth filled answer.

In the midst of my life, I like many women and men who reach a certain age with a sense of lack of fulfillment begin to question why am I here, what am I doing, where should I be. You may feel compelled to seek the answer outside of self at first but once you attempt to no avail, you finally realize that the journey of self cannot be sought outside. This is what I believe both Liz and Tyra’s excursions are based upon.

It is a wonder how in today’s so called "progressive" society when a woman decides to journey; it is perceived it is all due to a man, as if women cannot seek out evolution. If a man was to travel for a period seeking a oneness with spirit he would be considered a highly spiritual man on the path to becoming a guru. Have we been so consumed with political correctness that we fail to expound upon the inequities and prejudices continued to be branded in our minds? We must keep in mind that a spiritual journey it usually transpires from a significant change in situation. It is not the end result that fuels the passage but rather the continuous results in relation to others similar in nature and that has nothing to do with race, color, religion or sex. One day the light bulb finally comes on and you it finally makes sense as you ask yourself “what the hell am I doing with myself” and so the voyage begins to find the answer and start anew.

This is where I say AH
Peace, Love and Bliss


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