Thursday, January 12, 2012

Greatness Pt. 1: Awakening

I often subscribe to the philosophy that we all have the potential for Greatness. After
all we are cut from the same cloth of the most infinite, perfect being in all
the universal creations. We are governed by natural and supernatural/spiritual laws and once that combination of Earthly and Heavenly realms join together in harmonious balance, our light will radiate at full optimization.

Exercise 1

To assist in this exercise you will need the following tools:
New Pad of Paper/Journal

*To truly access the spirit of your
new state of being, create a ritual and buy a special pen and pad. It does not need to be extravagant or costly. The pen and paper you use can be a different color than what you normally use. This will bring a greater connection as you invite your conscious to participate in the exercise releasing some resistance.

Before going to bed place your pen and paper on a nightstand or table near the side you sleep. If you choose a time or space other than the bedroom such as an alter room, study or other sacred space be sure to place your tools where the can readily be accessed. The less movement you have during your quiet state, the less activation your mind will incur which will prevent those blockages and obstructions caused by your ego.

Let us Begin:
In the calm state of your mind, grab your pad/journal and
pen and meditate for one minute on your wishes.
Any longer and your ego might interrupt your connection, remember we are
trying to access only what the heart desires you to know.

Begin with a statement “I wish for_________________”
(complete the statement)

List at least three wishes but no more than five. Record whatever comes to mind first even if
it sounds silly or out of reach. Do not ponder your wishes for that will not be your heart but rather your ego will come into play.

Continue this practice once a day for one week. Do not read your wishes we are accessing the
heart not attempting to imprint the mind for later use. Repetition in reading will only create an
automatic responder and block what is in the heart at that moment.

At the end of your week, make a list of all the wishes and compare the days to view if any wishes repeated. The repetitive wishes are those which you desire most and what will be used to begin your journey to Walk in Greatness.

Peace, Love, Bliss

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