Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Immobilized in Fear

Many of us reside in the immobilization of our fear, that unchartered territory of the unknown. The journey which leads everywhere, but nowhere, yet somewhere. The fear settles into the pits of our stomachs, crystallizing into the formation of hard stoned rock. It is the fear which leaves you completely neutralized in a position of stillness; unable to step forward, disabled to move back. It is the fear which consumes, that allows hatred to fester, and ultimately cut dreams at the throat.

This consuming fear leaves one suspended in a cloud of confusion and chaos cocooned in an emotional uproar. The fear settles into an unrest, looking, searching for the truth, the answer of salvation which resides in us all. I myself lay immobilized as the fear of not knowing, not seeing tomorrow leaves me stuck in the balance of familiar and unfamiliar. So here I lay broken down in the shameless, humbleness of yesterday's past experiences, hiding in the immobilization of fear. It leaves my spirit asking when will I be able to raise my head to sit erect, lift my knees to stand upright and move the right foot forward to start the journey anew?

My mind tells me "you've done this before, just move." My fear says this time it's different, I can't afford to lose everything, for I have already lost so much. So once again I am at the crossroads, the gate door, searching for the courage to unlock the code and proceed forward. Once again I am immobilized in fear.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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  1. Remember the small still voice of ANU that sais " I am always here; just call my name and find that you are not alone". In doing this it will provide you with courage to step forward in the ALL-AH. He has his hand upon your back to embrace you if you stumble backwards, and his hand on your chest if you topple forward. Never forget to re-member your self to the ALL. You will find yourself lacking this one thing... FEAR.

    This fear is a trigger saying stop, look and listen; being sure to proceed with caution, not staying still and frozen inside. Fear is a defense mechanism that is put in place by ANU (GOD) to help, not hinder us. Many say GOD has not given us a spirit of fear. That is true. He gave us an emotion called fear. Just as sure as you can leap for joy you can step past or out of fear. Understand our mistakes and our loss is just God way of letting us know we are imperfect and teaching us life lessons and/or letting us know that our lease is up on that situation, moment or space in time...(read this )

    Sis,kick your heels together, open your eyes, hold you head high, and know We got this man... Me and my GODs ANU(father) and AMWEN (son)! NOW move forward with caution and purpose.

    I love you SIS... Scribe Ani