Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Never Late

In recent weeks I have been diligently working twitter, a social networking, micro-blogging avenue that utilizes instant messaging technology to interact with the world at large. In my discovery of like-minded individuals I have unveiled a whole exciting network of authors, publishers, bloggers, editors etc. etc. etc. In my excitement of following such creatively dynamic people as well as inviting to follow my, thanking them and directing traffic to my youtube videos I have opened a door of wonderful encouragement as well as received blurbs of others who have similar stories as do I. In a society that more times than not attempt to isolate you and make one feel not good enough, it is wonderful to hear from different people who have underwent obstacles and continued in this realm of life.

This morning I received a message from a follower who went to my youtube site and heard my story, the follower responded that like myself he also have taken a number of years to completely produce his novel and he felt better knowing he is not too late. As I pondered this notion of lateness, it behooved me to wonder: In a world that is filled with everything at its fingertips “Why should late mean never?” As of late I have ran across people who get extremely frustrated at humans, technology, government systems, even God for not moving fast enough for them. Have we been so consumed with fastness, that the concept of on time is still late?

I answered the follower with a loving message that it is never too late to release a good novel, for if I had that concept, I would not have finished mine. Admitting so, I also had a warped since of ideology that if I processed information after the fact it as to late or if I do not unleash a product at the time of thought then it would be too late. As I think of great inventors, designers, creator would we be able to enjoy the luxuries we now consume on a daily basis. If Thomas Edison did not try his invention 1000s of times, the light bulb might not have illuminated our spaces to this day. How about Coco Chanel who made a comeback after being out of the fashion industry for more than a decade with some of her most amazing designs. What about James Cameron who worked on Avatar for 15 years while awaiting for technology to catch up; had he released it at thought would it have been the highest growing film of all time. I am sure all these individuals wanted to release their designs with first thought, but often one must wait until they feel comfortable the time is right.

Creation is more than just thought, it is also a feeling, a strong spirit that says the time is now. I have never once regretted waiting 5 years to release my novel, for in that span of time I have grown as a writer, a parent, a woman and a human being. So for all those individuals who allow for themselves or others to make them feel bad because they did not produce or catch on right away, I say to you the more late, the greater the outcome.

Peace, Love, Bliss

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