Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Cinderella Complex

Ladies we have been bamboozled, hood winked if you will, led astray and run amuck. For the
“Fairy Tales” have landed and exited the building of truth, trust, faith and hope. Are those messages of Prince Charming coming along on his white stead a fantasy or a figment of reality. Do we really see past the royal castle, the glass slippers and prince to get at the truth of it All.

In the Cinderella story you have an unappreciated girl who is happy with her lifestyle until someone tells her that there is better. These two stepsisters who desire more and feel as if they deserve the ultimate prize: A husband. The two sisters are deemed evil because they step on, deceive and hide Cinderella away from her destiny. In today’s society the sisters would be considered business oriented go getters. Cinderella on the other hand would be considered an underachieving, manic depressive.

As the story continues, a beautiful good witch gives Cinderella an opportunity to receive her destiny but only for a short time. She is a given a makeover so that the prince will notice her and fall in love with a superficial aspect of herself that any ordinary person can ascertain. Today the good witch is nothing more than a seamstress, cosmetician and a plastic surgeon from which women spend hours of time and thousands of dollars upon just to capture that “Prince.”

When the Prince realizes Cinderella has more to offer he eagerly goes looking for her himself. For he knows he just can’t send a Page to find that "One" like he did in the beginning of the story. When Cinderella is found by the Prince, although she is in rags again, he sees her soul, that radiant glow of light and they live happily ever after.

Ladies we have gotten so caught up in the makeover process to attract our Princes, we fail to realize that a true Prince will see past all the rags, hang ups, attitudes and embrace our true inner selves. That beauty which cannot be made over, done up or transform because it is our essence. But what will really get your gears to winding is that throughout the whole story, the “Prince” always remains the same, he is true to himself and no one has to give a makeover to him. We are so blinded by the big house (castle), the fancy car (white stead), and the attire (tailored suit) that we fail to realize “Prince” is a human being. He embraces honor, truth, kindness and love; who else would ask all the ladies in the land to come to his castle and engage socially albeit misfit, grand dame or ugly duckling. So the blessing of a true mate much like him was given.

Next time we are given that “Prince” not only allow him to be Prince in the richness of truth, but also allow him to see you as self not made over. If he can withstand all the emotions, rags and everyday chaos and still be able to look upon you as the “Princess” (The One) than most likely he’s a keeper. But if every day he has a negative thought process about you or you feel as if you have to conform to him in order to be in his castle than you might want to rethink your position.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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