Sunday, June 28, 2009

Distance Loving

Many people wonder if long distance relationships could actually work. Daily the news is filled with lustful individuals going on business trips that served as masquerades for extra marital affairs. I myself have even wondered if my relationship with the man I love can sustain distance. My fiancée has been gone since February 14, 2009, yes that’s right the most romantic day of the year. I cried not because I could not spend the day of love with the one I love, but because he was going to prepare a way for a new life and I was afraid that after a few months it might not include me and my daughter. Truly I was afraid of the vultures that would surround my love and swoop down upon him. My fears were confirmed when two women entered into his life in an attempt to woo him away but instead failed as he honored our love with truth and honesty. Now it has been four months and I am tested in my ability to sustain even more of a long distance love.

Most distance relationships tend to reside in the United States going from a few hundred to a thousand miles. My love is on the other side of the world in Palenstine assisting in the rights of others. My fear for the safety of my love makes my jealousy of another woman appear trite but what can I say I’m human. This journey my love embarks upon to go from boy to man requires not only courage, strength and a level head but also tremendous love and support. When I reflect upon his family’s opposition and doubt, I remember having to suppress my true feelings in favor of my fiancée desires.

Now he’s abroad getting tear gassed in the name of truth and honor to help those reclaim the land that rightfully belongs to them. I could tell him come home at any time to keep him safe and my heart secure but I know right now home is not where he wants to be. So I must love from a distance another three months as my soldier of valor becomes ALL the man he can be. So I will endure this distant love to be ALL the woman I can be.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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