Saturday, June 13, 2009

AIDS: Epidemic or Conspiracy?

An article surfaced on regarding Reverand Wright’s disgust with not having spoken with Barak Obama since he became the nation’s 44th president. See the article:

The former pastor goes on to discuss his normal political condemnation including accusing the government of creating AIDS. Now I usually would say that Reverand Wright, like most pastors, just want his five minutes of fame but in discovery of just how powerful secret sects can be I have to wonder… AIDS is it really an epidemic or great conspiracy.

There has been speculation for years of secret orders utilizing different ways to annihilate whole populations of people; the black plague, holocaust, slavery, heroine. Ways to maintain order, control and above all else even God: MONEY. So is it really hard to believe that AIDS spread so rapidly due to government(s) creation. We have to admit HIV/AIDS did seem to appear out of nowhere and swept through the world like a house afire. To this day no one can exactly pinpoint how this disease appeared, and science still claim they do not have a cure just a means to live with HIV. After years of being canonized and demonized there are people who still claim that the disease is a punishment for God. How many other disasters, epidemics and wars have been formulated by man in the name of God? No question there for history is flooded with many shining examples.

Albeit epidemic, pandemic, conspiracy, Willie Lynch, tomato or tomato aren’t they all truly the same. As I think back to the show “Doomsday Prophecy 2012” on the history channel, I remember the revealing of an internal extraction program known as “webbot. “ I was in awe to find out this program actually combs through every exchange throughout the world wide web coming up with answers. Through this program the developers were informed about pandemics, wars, even 9/11 three months before the occurrence. The only explanation for a web program to receive predictions is if man created these so called prophetic events.

In an age where man wants so bad to try and play God acting as creator, judge and destroyer could AIDS just be that one more thing added. The question can’t help but to continuously flood my head with wonderment as we get closer to the end of our days. Leaving me with a notion is this really man or God.

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