Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreams Mastered?

For several weeks, I have arisen to the remembrance of dreams that appear to not fit into my current reality or Does it? As I desperately search for the hidden meaning of each piece of dream received, I am left wondering if a puzzle is being formulated to greater understanding. Yesterday I woke from a dream inside a dream; leaving me dazed and confused, and a need to get outside and commune with the nurture of nature. Today I awaken from a dream with a sense of purpose, a drive to prove that I am not a low life, screw up of a slacker. Yet still wondering what does this all mean?

Let me enlighten both you and myself with this experience. Yesterday’s dream consisted of speech from both Nostradamus and God, whom I call Anu. Nostradamus came first explaining to me how the world would end. He told and showed me a massive fire consuming the earth much like in the Nicholas Cage movie “Knowing.” As those who have seen the movie remember how the sun simply got to hot and disintegrated the world. This is not shocking as we have all heard it before, scientists discussing Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect. What was shocking (but not so very) to me in this dream is that Nostradamus said that man would create the fires that consumed the earth. In my dream I woke up and immediately thought I needed to tell my best friend and spiritual advisor Ordena of my dream. She happened to be laying beside me in the dream but I did not wake her, instead I called her later to talk about the dream.

As I was talking to Azima in the dream, I dreamt I had another dream. As this is all confusing; dreams inside of dreams, I feel that it means something I just do not know what. I don’t remember what the dream was on the inside but that is when God, Anu, spoke. He told me the solution to surviving the earth’s demise was water. Anu said that water extinguishes fire, okay okay I know what you are thinking, no big shock there. His exact words were “become the water”,of course I asked how do I be water upon which I received a response of “your body is made up of 70% water therefore you can become water. Of course I argued with my God as I normally do, that’s our game and we both enjoy many times. His final words were “the only thing left after the earth is consumed is water”, Set, Match, Game Over. The first and the last, the beginning and the end, first was the waters and last is the waters. Epiphanous thought: God is Water.

This morning I woke to a dream that my fiancée and I were walking in the winter time, window shopping around Christmas and he found $100 bill. I was jealous of him, because good things always tend to happen for him. He is a manifester, what he says happens instantly, but I digress. I had thoughts of why can’t I find a hundred dollars, because I definitely need any and all free money. As I was walking in an area that looked like a dump, when on top of the heap I saw an envelope. In the envelope were a couple American Express credit cards with my mom’s name on it and cash. The cash was a little over $150, I removed the cash and left the cards but I thought why would my mom not shred the cards and throw away that much money. The dream then returned to my fiancée driving to some class where he asked me to pick him up. Now in my waking life I would wonder why I had to pick him up when he has the newer car, but asleep one just goes with the flow. No epiphany here, as I am still trying to make sense of it all.

If dreams are really a manifestation of your desires, than simply put, I want to know the future and I want more money than my fiancée. Fortunately I am not that simple, so I am left with the pieces of my fragmented dream life trying to complete the puzzle. Azima told me yesterday that God was telling me the key to my survival is to flow like the water, forget my past hatred or “fire” and just go with the flow. Water is necessary to cleanse, purify, generate and restore.

I’ve had many pieces in the last few weeks and I realized the last time Anu spoke to me is exactly 4 weeks from tomorrow. Could my dreams be Anu’s way of speaking to me since I have turned a deaf ear to him? If so maybe I should open up my waking self and receive from him once again prophecies true, for that is my true desire to receive from him: guidance, wisdom, prosperity and divine favor. Always, Always and Always

Peace, Love and Bliss


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