Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Freedom Is...?

The Fourth of July is supposed to mean a great deal for every American because it signifies a break from the Kingship of Great Britain. It is the adoption of the formal document in 1776 that declared “independence” for all those British settlers. Unfortunately that independence didn’t include the Indians who were pushed to the borders, women who were not allowed to vote, or the African slaves who were not even thought about being unchained for another 90 years. Yet 235 years later we are supposed to participate in parades and release fireworks in homage of not being counted or treated as whole beings.

For most citizens a moment of silence was probably formulated of their lack to celebrate in the usual way of parade, fireworks and barbecue. For those like myself, I say dig deeper and ponder the truth of Fourth of July becoming awash. In the hour of a debt ridden nation alongside a bankrupt State filled with corruption, lies and betrayal; how can one celebrate that which truly have not been obtained.

This society, America, where children are dependent upon drugs, teachers are free from accountability and society is a slave to government takeover how can we celebrate. There is still racism, hatred, enslavement and thievery in the United States. I believe the rains signify a breakdown of the lies and disguise we partake in order to be cleansed by HE that invokes change. It is that great I AM, which comes uprooting trees at this time in order to get our attention yet also who brings the soft winds and rains of promises for all those who turn the non-deafened ear to hear. It is this quiet whispering that says I AM is here and near for you all, HIS children regardless of race, class, socioeconomic status, age, gender, or sexual preference. It is that promise of HE, being the God of love, not of wrath which calms the soul and brings forth balance once again.

For those who hear the quiet call, the true ones, the golden ones, enlightened ones, who can feel with all their heart that a change is not going to come but rather today the change is here. Now is the time where those who are bound and gagged will be released from the chains of evil to emerge victoriously in order to truly be Free and Interdependent. In this moment of Independence I say yes to the freedom that the most high releases unto me.

Freedom is the settling of the mind Into the oneness of spirit Producing sould Aftermass of One It is the continuation Of that spirit Releasing fear Into the abyss Of yesterday’s Gone In order to soar Into the manifestation Of tomorrow’s Song

Today is But a dream An illusion Of the illustrious wonder Of fulfillment Ascertained from the gift Of firmament To be applied upon The wound of defeat Only to be completely Healed before The day’s end As the dawning Of anew day Approaches once again The freedom from the pestilence And stench of the past Emergences into fruitfulness Of glorious fragrance To be picked And plucked out Into the world

Freedom is

The inner sanctum

The outer realm of chaos

That which is But a dream

Freedom is

The knowing of truth

The unlocking of the Combinations

Upon the steles From which those Truths Are written

Freedom is The Joy you feel To see the sun Shine upon your face

The birds chirping Their songs

The winds whispering In the trees

It is the communion Upon which All these natural Elements Live in the Supernatural

So yes freedom is Supernatural

As you seek To find what’s Past In order to apply in Present For the healing Future

As long as We continue to live Past We can never have Complete Freedom

For in the spatial pocket Of unknowing

That disconnection Will never allow The spirit To let go And reach beyond

The ruins of Yesterday In order to manifest Today

The creation Tomorrow

Only when we let go That which is Past

Poverty. Territory. Lack.

We will move into The abundant space Of plenty

The plethora of aetheric One. Wholeness.



Peace, Love, Bliss

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