Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is It Really Love?

“Celeste not only wept for Tracey but for every woman and girl who feels alone and frightened in a world that rejects them for not being enough: Not enough looks, not enough smarts, not enough money, not enough personality, just not enough.”
Excerpt from “In A Dream” by Renée Angelah

The perception of not being enough can make the most attractive, intelligent being feel as if they are less than worthy of having all that life offers. In relationships especially, that lack of care and compassion from your significant other can break down all senses and sensibilities. An otherwise rational being can act extremely erratic all due to a loss of the love connection. Most often that loss of love is coupled with a tearing down of the spirit thru the pointing out of one’s faults, lack and limitations. The recipient internalizes these false projections allowing them to fester and ultimately consume their entire being. Dr. Darren Weisman, author of Infinite Love & Gratitude, stated “the closest thing to death is an intellectual attack.” Why? Because once someone gets inside your head and makes you believe their untruth, then love is lost. Where there is no love, there is no creation; where there is no creation, there is no life; where there is no life than you are essentially a dead man walking.

It is amazing how much people utilize love as a form of punishment, “I’m teaching him/her a lesson,” or “I’m issuing tough love.” There is no such thing as tough love and one cannot teach a state of being from which you, yourself are not residing. When people withhold love for their own selfish reasons that is not being love, that’s acting In Love with the operative term of course is “acting.”

Love is simple and resilient.
Love defies all laws of human understanding.
Love is the ultimate surrendering,
so that the force of life can flow thru.
Love is the manifestation of your perfect/divine Self

We often confuse love with so many other things: power over people, ego, lust, sacrifice. Yet love is simply put, Just Love. Love does not have to apologize for your actions and behaviors for when one is truly being love the universe will operate in balanced harmony. Love is about accepting the present state of every living, breathing organism and appreciating what it has to offer at that moment. Love is seeing the beauty of interdependence correlating in syncopated synchronicity. Love is the poetic flow of rhythmic energies creating heightened vibrations to form Anu World Order.

So the next time we feel as if tearing someone down or pointing out all their faults is for their own good, stop and think...Are you truly being love or acting out hate.

This is where I say AH

Peace, Love and Bliss

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