Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look up in the Sky... It's the Alter Ego!

(Ego Consciousness Pt. 2)

We are all familiar with that Superman mantra: Look! Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it's the... Alter Ego!!

Yes we are talking about that corrupt defender, able to leap tall buildings and obstacles in a single bound creating maniacal master plans to overpower the world. At least so we think. The alter ego is said to be another aspect of self oftentimes referred to as the archnemesis but in actuality is disguises itself as our super hero, that great protector for our pain. Within Sybil she had many alter egos to defend her deep rooted pains but the one who seemed to appear most was "Vickie" the sensible straight laced protector who summoned forth the other egos in an orderly fashion leaving Sybil dazed, confused and in danger. In the movie Matrix, Neo's alter ego was a character called "Smith" that sentinal agent plugged in to destroy the greatest potential. In the Harry Potter series, although I have yet to see all the films, I believe Harry's alter ego was Lord Voldemort a character so dangerous just the mentioning of his name brought fear.
And of course last but not least for Beyonce... She is Sasha Fierce.

Our alter ego has the ability to do amazing things, for it possesses the same gifts we do and why not? After all it does reside inside our beings with full accessibility to all our abilities most often to our detriment. So in this knowing, why would we allow our alter ego to come out and play? It is my opinion that we really do not have a choice as many times we are not consciously aware of its arrival. As I stated in Ego Consciousness pt. 1, in times of distress where stimuli triggers a thought process of danger, our reactive minds take over and thinks for us. A prime example is in the movie Inception where the more danger perceived by the main character played by Leonardo di Caprio, the quicker his alter ego (reactive mind) portrayed as a wife appeared hunting the agitator for disposal. This is exactly how the alter ego surfaces, justifying its need to overpower your conscious leading you to exact danger it is protecting you from.

So let's explore the mind of the Alter Ego.
It believes it can do anything, say anything, be anything and it can. The alter ego is the unknowable blank aspect of self, that unexplored part that can display itself any time it choose because it can do, say or be whatever it wants at the time. Within the alter ego contains the most deadly of all sins: Pride, for it believes and has the great capacity to make you and everyone else believe that it's invincible. In the moment your entire being it left powerless and out of control until you consciously awaken from that altered state of existence. The alter ego is like a drug, placing you in an elated state of bliss only to return crashing. It is so magnificent it shows you things you feel you could not otherwise do without it. But AH!! that thought is the grandest illusion for the alter ego is not showing you what you cannot do, it is showing you what you can but may not want to do because ultimately your conscious knows those abilities may contribute to your demise. Think about it, do you really think Beyonce at 40 years old wants to be slinking around in a bathing suit costume doing the booty bounce? Or that Sybil wants to access a different character in order to function in daily life, work, relationships or parenting. Yet the alter ego is so strong and has so much power it will lead you to believe this is what you need in order to survive. The truth is the same gifts, talents and abilities one possesses are available alter ego or because they innately belong to you.

So why don't we access those unique gifts such as defending ourselves when someone makes us uncomfortable, and no I am not referring to a physical defense but simply a communicative, declarative statement "I don't like this, you make me feel uncomfortable." Women, how aboutt when you desire to be bring the sexy side out, why must we play roles and get into character in order to be that vixen playmate. If you desire to be a hoar for your man or the whole world because it makes you feel confident and empowered I say have at it. We are such hypocrites in this country, always discussing freedom and independence, yet we are completeley unable to free our minds and bodies. If we cannot free ourselves how can we ever truly acquire freedom collectively?

The truth of the matter, ego & alter ego lives within us all. For within this great stage play called life our roles have all experienced a trauma from which the ego has created a defense, altering our self identity into an unknown and unexplored aspect. In order to control that unknown, dark and shadowy part of self , we must bring it into the light of our conscious being and control it thru perfect balance. Shut off the valve to the leaky faucet, then no more will you be living a double or triple life.

Clark Kent --- Superman --- Lex Luther
Snow White --- the Mirror --- Queen
Instead you will just: BE (I AM) that perfected self in all its greatness.

This Is where I finally say AH!!!

Peace, Love and Bliss

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