Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Building A Better School: With Mud

In Palenstine, the Bedouin people have taken an innovative approach to "going green." Using recycled and Earth materials such as tires and mud, they are constructing a school closer to home to ensure safety and functionality. Not having funding to create elaborate buildings with advanced technological or electrical attributes, allows the Palenstinian's to design a beautiful, natural, aestethically pleasing environment. By enlisting the help of local children and adults as well as international volunteers, the success and sense of accomplishment is immeasureable.

In this country we complain how the schools are ill-equipped; building structures not having air conditioning, classrooms without books, and teachers who are bullies yet the Palenstinians just want an environment for their children to learn that's closer to home. Unfortunately Israeli military often threaten to carry out the act of destroying the school due to permit issues. Volunteers sometimes stand watch at night in order to protect work completed and continue the cycle to an environmentally friendly school.

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