Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Love for President Obama

Since the induction of the African American “golden boy,” the United States has been bounded by faith that a change is going to come. What we have yet to feel is the effects of these so called changes. The economy is still the worst since the Great Depression, joblessness (especially for African Americans) is at an all time high, healthcare is in turmoil and businesses are failing before they have a chance to open.

In the new era of Bush-Reaganomics many fail to pay attention to Public Education. In September 2008 it was reported by the Chicago Tribune the dropout estimate in Illinois was nearly 230,000; nationally the statistics estimates over one million students per year. (Alliance for Education). Various reasons are displaced upon the children and their families for the inability to complete a high school diploma. Governments throw more funding at the “poor, overworked, underpaid teachers who face so many challenges for the unruly sociopaths presented to the public education system.” Yes I am being condescending for I used to be a teacher who did not feel overworked or underpaid or extremely challenged. Why these cry-baby teachers, along with the help of media outlets display their problems amongst society leading them to side against lies and disguises, no one bothers to open their eyes and see the malicious, calculated, callousness teachers and administrators provide.

My daughter at the age of 8 summoned my protection thru horrified hysterics due to the maltreatment she was receiving by Barkstall Elementary School officials and staff members. Of course when questioned they all banded together against my daughter in an effort to continue the disenfranchisement of a young African American disabled student. They tormented her on a daily basis documenting both her and their wrongdoings in order to ensure failure by design. After two years of appealing to everyone from local and state officials to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as a last resort we contacted President Barack Obama. The following is a clip from my now 10 year old daughter’s personal letter.

The schools have been hurting me in the middle of second grade and have been continuing. They have been hurting and restraining me since they knew about how smart I am on my work and decided in a mischievous way to try and hurt all the autism and smart kids around the world… I need help from you Barack Obama to do something to the teachers and save me and the other autism kids. That was when I have been complaining about not going to school because I was frighten about all the particular restraints and spankings they do to me…

Alexandria also wrote President Obama a personal letter when he was a Senator for Illinois in August 2008 stating that one restraint was so bad she thought the administrators were going to strangle her. Obama has not answered her to this date; instead we received a form letter from an aid that did not mention the issue or Alexandria’s letter. Throughout my life, I thought that if you tried to be a good person others would be good to you. While I was educating and nurturing other people children, mine was being exploited and abused physically, psychologically and educationally.

Every day as I watch Obama’s children being shuffled around the world, experiencing new and exciting adventures I feel nothing but anger. Knowing that his oldest was born during the same year as my daughter, makes me break out in hives and hyperventilate. I along with many other Americans am not asking for anything less than what he would want for his own children. Well Mr. Obama it must be nice to send your children to a $60,000 per year school when I had to give up my job to teach my own while making less than ten grand per year. It must be nice to have a Harry Potter birthday party for Sasha, although my daughter did not get to have her 8th birthday party because the school demonized and alienated her to classmates. So no I don’t care about your veiled politics which continues to rob the poor to give to the rich. No I don’t care about you taking a vacation, with your children, around the world at the taxpayers’ expense. No I don’t care about your time for a change speech which I have discovered is bull. Finally No I don’t have love for a President who goes against his word, who does not take time to help a little girl in desperation and who thinks it is more important to front than take care of business.

Mr. Barack Obama: Thanks for the pain inflicted by your lies upon my family. I guess you are true to your word because you did change our view of you.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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