Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Passage to A New Time

Last night I had a dream that my daughter and I were getting ready to stay with this couple in their apartment. A rattlesnake came out from underneath these papers and coiled up. With its shaking tail and large fangs, it followed my daughter which she attempted to escape. Ironically the snake never tried to bite Alexandria, I on the other hand stood frozen because I was taught to remain still at the sight of a snake. When fear of my daughter getting bit overtook me, a renewed strength came about to get rid of the snake. Now most would think I would attempt to kill the snake, alternatively my response was to lure the snake away and out of our realm. I began clapping not in an applause form, but a rhythmic jungle sound which the snake responded positively. I was able to lure the snake from the residence, but when I did it was no longer able to seen.

Lately I have been receiving an upsurge in dreams trying to figure whether they are prophetic, symptomatic or just plain crazy dreams. As I searched the dream interpretation dictionary from, I discovered a rattlesnake signifies a passage of time. I’ve been saying for the last few days that July 7, 2009 is actually the New Year if we traipse back to ancient calendars. The ancients utilized the moon to determine months, I am redirected to the days of King Arthur when Merlin would say 9 moons ago to mean nine months ago.

Many would think that the ancient civilizations would go off the new moon cycle since that is what modern metaphysicists interpret as signifying new beginnings, renewal and rebirth. It is my belief that the ancient people would draw from a full moon because you can see it. That is why many ancients were so haunted by a lunar eclipse. The Chinese thought of the moon during this period of time as being eaten with blood spreading across its face, hence the red coloring of the moon during an eclipse. Ancient Babylonians revered it as an omen for it signified natural disaster or wrath approaching soon.

As I ponder yesterday’s event, Michael Jackson's memorial which is said to be more televised and watched than Barack Obama’s inaguaration, I wonder if the family had some deep insight into the power of yesterday. To most it was just the day chosen to bury a king, to me I am thinking about the turning of a tide, the passage of an era from which we became accomstomed and familiar. Are we prepared for what’s to come next? I furthered my period of gratitude and remembrance to this legend by watching his videography all night. I truly understood the genius of this great man who was crowned King, reminding me of prophets of old. In a song entitled “Another Part of Me,” I realized that Michael revealed the planets aligning along with what is told by the Anunnaki of Ancient Sumeria. I stood in amazement of a song written over twenty years ago and remembering that is also around the time Michael began receiving backlash by the media as being a freak. Could there be people out there in the world that are trying to hinder this knowledge in an attempt to not allow us time to save ourselves from our own demise?

Also on this enlightened day, the Blueray/DVD release of Nicoas Cage’s movie “Knowing” a sci-fi film of a little girl who predicted fifty years worth of major disasters including the end of the world. We laugh off that which we cannot understand, shrugging off the signs as just someone’s vivid imagination but what if the stories, these events are based off some truth? I think of other movies as well which spoke upon phenomenons, “The Matrix”, “Independence Day”, “The Happening”, “Angels and Demons,” are they all revealing some truth through the biggest outlet that consume Americans today: visual theatrics.

I would not be contributing or assisting but selfish if I did not share my prophecies received February 20, 2009, marked during the days July 12-14 of my Days to Remember journal.

In my mind’s eye I see, two earthquakes that will be preparing the Earth for destiny, volcano erupting in 3’s. What will it be? Where you see? Wake up old volcano underneath the drudgery. You will see how it could be when the moon hits high in destiny, destonia destus this deathly space arise out of the Heavens glorious space, settling in the winds of storms aflin tornadoes, volcanoes shape shift the mer release vear soon, planets aligs at high noon: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter too planets of 4 to open the door. For it is said to put the world to bed, awake in Heaven’s largest dread att ena for all to short circuit you see for everlast to come, the Heavenly.

This is another message of God Anu.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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