Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goodnight MJ: Rest in Peace

Today Michael Joseph Jackson was laid to rest before millions possibly even billions of people worldwide. Most don’t truly understand the magnificence of this iconic figure that left us all with a legacy of compassion, joy, humor, beauty and love. It wasn’t until his memorial service that I realized that this man, this great man will be forever etched into the heart, the lives, and the surface of this world throughout many dawns of time. As we are well aware of Michael’s musical achievements, disguises, and tremendous debt; we often forget about his philanthropic and humanitarian attributes. The Guinness Book of World Records inducted Jackson as King for “Most Charities Supported by a Pop Star.” Ironically it is estimated that he gave approximately the same amount he was claimed to be indebted. Makes me laugh to think that in this country it doesn’t matter what you gave just what your worth financially. Michael Jackson’s soul was that of great pharaoh Ramses II, his heart that of Jesus Christ, his spirit that of an active child, and his essence that of the celestial waters Tiamat; for he never stopped dreaming, creating, giving, and loving.

Whenever a celebrity passes away, we are thrown into a space of shock as the mindset rejects the fact that a celebrity can be anything other than human. They are our idols, our hopes, our dreams our living gods. We believe they are invincible, indestructible and immortal; we desire to never let them go. Unfortunately we take these masters, these teachers, these beacons of light for granted as we taunt, haunt, scrutinize and ridicule every decision or action made. It is only when we realize they are gone never to returned do we appreciate their artistry, their contribution to this realm we called Earth. As the sun opens up in an approval, ever so slightly, ever so quick; I am comforted in knowing that soon we will be together once again with all those extraordinary beings so many throughout the eon of time to list.

Michael Jackson brought the best out of Black Americans, United States citizens, and the entire World. He demanded and achieved perfection with truth, honor, dignity, respect and most importantly through example. He gave us all that he was and in return we gave all to him. As I shed tears for a man I never actually met, I conceive that Michael is a reflection of all of us. The man in the mirror is you and I; he is our fears, our desires, our agonies and our pains. His struggles is our struggles, his victories our victories, his defeats our defeats, and his successes our successes.

So Goodnight to an Icon, a Legend, the King of Pop, a Humanitarian, a god; until we meet again, Thanks for the Love.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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