Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taking Aim: Societal Destructive Patterns

In a recent documentary presented on CNN entitled Taking Aim: Youth Violence, children are being discussed as always without input on their behaviors and the underlining reasons from which they act upon. As I inhale the derogatory remarks pointed at black children and especially single black mothers, I cannot help but to exhale the fires of stones from my mouth in the form of words. First let me just communicate to the fact that our children black or otherwise are nothing short of products designed by a country which was founded on the backs of racism, enslavement, thievery, pilfering, falsity, degradation, and dehumanization. We have yet to realize at some point, that which we have so passionately sowed will reap the perfect harvest good or bad. Is it so far-fetched to believe that at some point in time our seeds will resort to the same methods of madness from which they were bred? I think not.

It has been my understanding, having been a teacher in the public education system as well as a single black parent of a child with a disability that concessions are made for those considered worthy while apathy are being displaced upon those who are not. These populations of human beings are segregated, separated, isolated, humiliated, bullied and maltreated not by their peers but more so by the ones from whom they are supposed to be educated: teachers. Parents especially single, black mothers are constantly being berated by factions who created the displacement of a family long before they existed. Was it the single, black mother who beat her husband to a pulp until he became complacent and then chained him like a common animal? Was it the single, black mother who said she could not receive government funds if she had her husband or adult son in the home? Was it the single black mother who harassed her husband into criminal activities in order to bind him in jail cells? Was it the single, black mother who told her children that if she disciplined them then they can call Child Protective Services to be “rescued?” The answer was, is, and will be a resounding HELL TO THE NAW! As we are always portrayed to say with much attitude.

Now I am not going to point any fingers or call anyone out for the answer to the above questions, because those who integrated this maniacal plan to destroy a culture, civilization, a being, know exactly who they are. As this is not a paranoid conspiracy or a class x file, not even a cover up as the deceivers are more blatant than ever. On second thought let me just “hypothetically” unveil some of these perpetrators for those who walk around with blinders on until it hits their home. It is the local school district (Unit 4) who makes a child walk down a dark corridor in an empty school with furniture piled up on both sides of the hallway pretending to provide her an education. It is the second grade teacher who dejects a black student from the Scholastic Book Fair to hinder the enjoyment of reading development. It is the neurological pediatrician who prescribes a child anti-depressants after learning the child is no longer aggressive in order to induce aggression. It is the mental health professional who coerces the parent into signing a release of information so that the school may collect evidence against the student. It is the principal who poses as a doctor turned school psychologist to ensure admission into a child psych ward in order to mandate a negative stigma in front of the disability so that they do not have to provide paraprofessional services. It is the state government that gives the funding to this system in order for them to cover up deceptive practices and not hold anyone accountable. It is the federal government that tell parents "nobody wants to prosecute teachers." It is society who turns a blind eye, and a deaf ear and play mute to the true victims who endure this recreation of Communism veiled in a socialist, capitalist ideology. But then again I’m not really speaking on anyone in particular.

So I ask in the midst of chaos, confusion, mishandling, unaccountablility and questions unanswered is it really a wonder why our children are out of order and out of control? Maybe they are seeking the truth from which no one wants to respond truth fully. For those who think I’m applying a simple answer to what appears to be a complex problem, maybe we should learn that simplicity sometimes is the right key. Oh and for those who don’t think I know or understand what is going on in the world, I have been thrust in the throes of a war unimaginable: The war against humanity: without a weapon, ill equipped and ill interested in being devoured. A fight I did not opt in for but am willing to win for the sake of ALL our children.
Peace, Love and Bliss

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