Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Global Thinkers

Why are Global Thinkers often rejected or dismissed? Is it due to their innovative ideologies and thought processes which envelop the totality of natural law? Is it their innate ability to operate outside the realm of existential time?

I'm not speaking on those so called worldly thinkers who to desire to configurate everyone to their disparate human system. Nor am I speaking for those leaders who go to other countries and inform the people how to live even though their civilization existed and thrived long before the leaders country. I'm definitely not speaking aboout those world corporations who steal, utilize and deplete others resources for profit. For all those operators are nothing short of locusts which consume and devour and never allow for replenishment.

I'm speaking for the true Global Thinkers who strive to understand, appreciate, accept, assimilate and integrate all cultures, all countries, all people in love. These Global Thinkers exude the power of universal thought in saying "I belong to the human world and that's the only place I choose to live."

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