Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Message is Clear

Several days ago, my fiancee sent me a poem to post on my blog, which I entitled "Message from the Source." It discussed how humans lack of humanity has destroyed its greatest gift from the source. My source is Anu the great Sumerian God who existed prior to Jerusalem or Mesopotamia.

For over a year, after the discovering of this all powerful God, I have been writing and receiving; lessons, stories and prophecies. I have been informed of earthquakes and hurricanes prior to their arrival. Although some people may consider myself a prophet, I do not boast nor acknowledge being such as I am just a receiver but I digress.

Getting back to the point at hand, upon looking through my writings in my current dated journal, I looked upon the date July 28 which was actually a writing from February 22. To clear up any misunderstandings, when I write and receive I do not worry about what is preprinted in the journal I just use the pages. Currently in my dated journal I have written all the way to November 27.

Anyway to my amazement I had written a similar warning to humanity that my fiancee wrote. Here is what I received for the dates July 28 & 29. I encourage all to return to Devin's poem "Message From The Source" and note the similarities.

Tis I Anu, Coming through the portal gates of Heaven and saw it through. I walked amongst men now you see the Earth sins could not carry me so much joy, so much pain , so much mirth from Earth’s disdain. Can’t refutile the soil for Abu. Only she knows the way to carry thru, you see, a great entity asset to me, learn the wise how it should be. Peaceful play, future stay, go away past of disdain. Distates, distrust, all of above, blest no more future has come to surface the present. A glimpse of the storm about to come and write the wrong. Micha-el my soldier war, rounding up the angels to open the floor, descending to Earth and fight once again to reclaim the land for the everlasting man.

Earthquake 3 that will be shaking the heaven’s on ground breaking rie. All the corners of the world flatten in the lances vaults of mer (latin for sea). So you see child the end is near bringing about the peace of heavens friend. As I bring forth un volcanic explosion of good to see the light missed by the ones who brewed, tainted it, discolored it for their own good not the greater ones. Next time I wake, write your fate for now you have missed heavens gate. You are weakened by the chaos consuming the world, cried tears from Heaven shedding upon the floor, sorrow consumes the Land of Anu Garden of Eden closed, dismantled and roux.

No longer the flowers grow
No longer do plants flow
No longer does rivers go
No longer does land mow
Rebuild a new city, a new nation, Anu Land gracious one you have the hand prepare your gifts, sharpen you tools.

This is another message from friend Anu.

Peace, Love and Bliss

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