Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Simplest Things

As I began my morning walk listening to the laws of attraction, I felt a sense of restoration as I discovered that a major problem with me is the taking for granted of life. It wasn’t until after I lost my freedom to enjoy the simplest things did I truly appreciate them. My daughter has spent the last two nights with her grandparents, something they have not done in the ten years of her physical existence. Yesterday I awoke from a restless night completely devoid of what to do without my daughter interrupting my personal space. In the spirit of familiarity I allowed for my friends and family to interrupt my thought processes so I would not accomplish the long list of tasks I laid out in my life plan. It took a walk in the Crystal Lake Labyrinth for me to come to the realization that I should have taken time out and enjoyed my freedom in all realms. At first I thought I wasted the day away having felt no sense of accomplishment through my need for familiarity. My mature thought taught me that I actually had uninterrupted conversations and the opportunity to just get up and go without explaining where I was going, at what time and how long. I rarely get those opportunities as my daughter has spent the last two years in my presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those stay at home moms and single parents who cannot afford childcare during the summer understand what I am speaking upon.

This morning I spoke with my fiancĂ©e and discussed his signing up with twitter to tell of his advocacy tales in Palestine so that people will be prepared for his book coming out this winter. At the perfect time he had to leave so that I may begin my journey of appreciation. I changed from my jeans into more pliable pants, placed on my shoes for a trek into the wonderment of simplicity. Then I remembered my stomach was empty of nutrients to keep me sustained. I drank a quick glass of V8 Fusion and headed on my way to peace. I arrived at the park rearing to power walk four times which is the equivalent of approximately two miles. I turned on my mp3 player and started walking while listening to the laws of attraction. The first time around I was in the zone of listening intently to what the laws had to say about attracting negative images into your life after you’ve elevated yourself to a different thought process. The second time around the laws discussed creating that which you want; at the same time I was wishing I could run around the park. Out of nowhere came three joggers passing me up, I found myself jealous of the men for achieving what I wanted. Then I proclaimed to myself “Angela you’re being silly, for one day you to will be able.” How did I know if the joggers started off running, maybe they began just walking as I am currently or maybe they have been jogging for years. For whatever the reason, people start and stop events it should be of no concern unless I want to continue feeling inadequate.

As I continued my third and final lapse I noticed the creation of life; the young lady tanning in a beach chair, the couple who walked passed me and smiled, the church bells ringing on the hour, the artist sketching the trees and flowers, the children joyfully swinging, and the old man taking a nap on the bench. Each creating a different element working together in the harmony of this universal life, creating a picturesque view of simplicity. As the bells chime in approval, I rest assured that peaceful balance is what it’s all about, the true magnificence of love. So the next time I am given the opportunity to have a free day or weekend, I will be sure to enjoy the simplest things.

Peace, Love and Bliss


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